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"MobiCard USA has an affiliate program which pays you for every new member who joins through your affiliate link."

Do you have friends on facebook, twitter, or Instagram who love to save? Of course you do! Now, you can help them save with a MobiCard membership. And, as an affiliate, you earn extra income.

Don't you hate losing the little discount cards? Forgetting the "discount" book? Or, even rummaging through your glove box for the paper coupons "you knew you had"? With MobiCard discount APP, that's all in the past. Your discounts are always with you. You will never be without your discounts again!

MobiCard is a mobile discount APP that can be used anywhere across the United States where there are offers. So, if you live in Salt Lake City, Utah and traveling to Chicago, Illinois, you can use the discounts in Chicago. MobiCard is not limited to a small town like most little cards, or "discount" books. 

A MobiCard membership is only $3.99 per month. How many of your friends would spend $3.99 to save $10? $20? Or, even $100 per month? I believe most people would look at that and say, "Absolutely!"

As an affiliate, you will earn a recurring income every month when someone joins MobiCard through your affiliate link.

Most of the discount offers on MobiCard can be used every day. That is unheard of with other discount cards. For example, one of the restaurants on MobiCard has a "Buy One Menu Item, Get a Menu Item Free" every day. That by itself is worth $3.99 a month! As a member, you could eat there 4 times in a month and save $30 at that one restaurant. Would you spend $3.99 to save $30 every month? You'd be jumping for joy!

Let's do the math:

If you have 20 friends who join MobiCard this month, you will earn $20 (20 x $1.00 = $20). If they continue for 12 months, you will receive $240 ($20 x 12 = $240) as an affiliate. What would you receive if you had 20 new people join MobiCard every month through your affiliate link?

How happy would you be if 100 people joined MobiCard through your affiliate link? (In case you're wondering, that would be $100! ... per month!)

Are you one of those people who have 2,000 friends on facebook? 5,000 followers on Instagram? Or, maybe you are like me and only have a few hundred followers. It doesn't matter, you can join the MobiCard Affiliate Program.

Do you and your friends share stories about saving money? Simply share MobiCard as a great way for your friends to save money on activities they do every day.

Would you share an easy way for your friends to save some extra money throughout the month?

If you can tell your friends how they can save a little extra money, you can be an affiliate.

How easy is it to be an affiliate?  Simple answer. It's easy.  All you need to do is tell us you want to be an affiliate. Fill out the short form. If you are approved, we send you an affiliate link and you start to earn that recurring income!

One other awesome thing. If you have friends who want to be an affiliate, they can become an affiliate and you will receive 5% from each one of their sales. How awesome is that?! I'll say it. It's awesome!

Remember, as an affiliate, you get paid every month when MobiCard members join through your affiliate link. That is recurring income in your pocket!

Last thing:

Do you want to earn a recurring income as an affiliate? If the answer is YES, fill out the form right now.

If the answer is no, we hope you join MobiCard through one of your friends who is an affiliate so you can enjoy savings all month, every month.

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